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An Invitation

Did you learn to do something one way and now, years later, realize there’s an easier way? Maybe it was laundry or folding that pesky fitted sheet or changing a tire. Everyone has their own way that they’ve been taught, but sometimes there is a better way.

Wisdom offers us the better way. I was raised in a conservative Christian home. I believe my parents did everything that they knew to do to raise me according to God’s Word. But guess what? My mom will tell you if she had it to do all over again, there are things that she would change. Things that she would do different and better. Because with her age, has come wisdom.

The same is true for all of us. Proverbs 9:4 says, “Whoever is inexperienced, enter here.”

Aren’t we all inexperienced? There’s something we don’t know, something we need guidance on, something we haven’t quite figured out? Wisdom welcomes our inexperience, our questions, our naivety. Wisdom is the place it’s safe to ask all the unknows and the whys because wisdom has the answers.

It’s when we go hunting for the answers from the wicked, or the ungodly, or the foolish that we get ourselves into trouble. Why would we ever go to them to have our questions answered? We should be heading towards the one with all the answers and the invitation to come and bring our doubts, fears, worries and unknowns to him.

God says, “You are welcome here." What do you need to know about today? Accept his invitation to talk about it, wonder and even ask why. He can handle your issues.

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