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Follow the Leader

I was just a toddler the first time I played, “Follow the Leader”— a game where children mimicked and followed every direction of the line leader. This was an early indicator of the rule followers and the free spirts. Observers knew quickly if the children in line respected the leadership of the leader by watching how closely the children followed the walk and movements.

Psalm 23:2 says, “He leads me beside still waters.”

I have read that verse a hundred times, but just yesterday as I was thinking of it, the question popped into my head, “Who are you following?” If God is leading me, am I following him? How closely do I mimic his actions? How attentive am I to what he is doing? How respectful am I of his leadership?

As I thought about this verse more, I realized that I can be following but not respectful. I can go through the motions with little to no enthusiasm or emotion and still be following. But just as observers watch children with intrigue as they play the game, the world is watching how I am walking with God. They know. I know. And most of all God knows. I can go through the motions. I can play the game half-heartedly.

But that isn't what my heart longs for.

I want the still waters of peace and contentment and courage, but I have to follow God’s lead to get there. Anything else is just a game. My walk will never be perfect. I am a follower, an imitator of Christ. But I can willingly and cooperatively follow where he leads and reflect his character in my life. Because I am a follower of Christ, I will “Follow the Leader.”

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