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Get Your Steps In

Taking a step of obedience to the Lord doesn't mean that's the only step you'll ever take. It just means it's the first step. Sometimes we don't fully understand what he is asking of us, because if we did, we wouldn't take that first step.

And sometimes the next steps are harder than the first.

Are you in a next step position? Wondering if this next step is really worth it? Trusting God when the way is hard is the truest test of our faith.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, gave the disciples great advice. While at a wedding in Cana, the bride's family ran out of wine. In those days this was a terrible mistake. It meant either lack of funds to provide adequately for your guest, or a huge miscalculation of the number of guests. Either way—shameful. Mary approaches Jesus and tells him of the dilemma. Without asking him specifically to produce more wine, she turns to the disciples and says:

"Do whatever he tells you." John 2:5.

Mary had no idea how Jesus would step in or even if he would step in, but she knew the disciples needed to be ready to obey immediately.

Friends, as we move closer to the Savior, we may not always fully know how God will handle our situations, but like the disciples, we need to be ready to obey immediately. You never know what miracle is ahead!

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