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God Sees

Feeling forgotten or overlooked? Under-appreciated or overwhelmed?

Well, listen up.

To the employee who works tirelessly at the office and comes home to care for their family—God sees.

To the missionary who is navigating the gospel overseas, while missing loved ones, and birthdays and holidays with family—God sees.

To the cancer patient who has been fighting more years than they want to admit, who is quiet and fearful—God sees.

To the momma who is home alone from sun up to sun down—wiping noses, changing diapers and picking up for the 100th time today—God sees.

To the dad who works hard for his family, yet can't seem to snag a raise or promotion at work—God sees.

To the grandparent who raised their own, and now is raising their grandchildren, God sees.

To the survivors of all the things—abuse, hurricanes, fires, bigotry, high school, or maybe just today—God sees.

To the teachers who are juggling academics, technology, mask-wearing and attendance reporting—God sees.

To the firefighters, policemen, military, paramedics and others who place themselves in harm's way everyday—God sees.

To the Christian who keeps finding ways to encourage and share the love of God during unpredictable and frustrating times—God sees.

Many times the good ones get overlooked. But God doesn't overlook one single person. His eyes scan the earth taking in the words and actions of the good and the evil.

Proverbs 15:3 says, The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

He sees every single thing.

So hang in there mom, dad, employee, pastor, friend, teacher, student. Stay faithful, keep doing your best.

He sees you. He smiles. He rejoices over you—like a proud parent who secretly watches their child do the right thing.

Let's keep doing the good. Let's stay in the game. Let's remember who is watching. In the end, that's all that matters. God sees.

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