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Quiet Yourself

Updated: May 3, 2021

The world is loud. The hustle and bustle of everyday living—the kids, the schedules, the work, the marriage—coupled with the internal noise of worry, anxiety and concerns, makes for noisy living in our heads and in our hearts.

Just last week I found myself home alone, in the quiet. No TV, no music, no family. Just me. I sat for a few moments in the silence before I quickly began a mental list of things I could get done while everyone was away from home. There was the refrigerator that needed to be freed from the science experiments growing inside (you know what I am saying here—please tell me you know!) There was laundry (when isn’t there?), and a kitchen drawer or five begging to be organized and of course there were bathrooms that needed attention. There’s always something needing my attention. . .

And just like that the noise of life had tiptoed into a moment of quiet and had disrupted a few seconds of silence. Too often I’ve given in to the option of noise because the silence has been uncomfortable. But loud living only provides an escape for a short time. There will always be a chore, a need or a situation that needs our attention. Until Jesus again comes, there will always be work to do. But it is no wonder that God tells us in his word to, “Be still, come away with him, enter his presence, rest.”

In the midst of great tribulation God said in Job 37:14, “Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God’s wonders."

Friends, we are in high demand. Our time, our responsibilities, our families are a constant pull on our being. But the noise of life is no substitute for stopping to consider God’s wonders. In times of tribulation or busyness or fatigue or emergency it’s easy to identify that we need to, “be still.” But on ordinary Monday’s or Taco Tuesday’s we will be better off to face the quiet with the same diligence as we face the noise.

Here’s three simple tips for embracing quiet moments:

1. Schedule it. Get up fifteen minutes early, use your drive time into work, wait until the kids are off to school, or establish a quiet time for your family where everyone takes 15 minutes or more to just be quiet and settled before the Lord.

2. Don’t overthink it. Limit your mental checklist or calendar thoughts. Take a deep breath and allow God to speak over you. Read over his words in the Bible. Do it slowly—intentionally.

3. Enjoy it. Don’t guilt yourself for taking the time to quiet the noise going on around you. God’s word gives instruction and you are following him in obedience. He has a way of multiplying your time and eliminating unnecessary things when we obey him.

So, embrace a few minutes of quiet today. Breathe in and out the goodness of God. Take time to thank him for caring so much about you. After all, the quiet is a gift. The rest is a gift. The coming away to consider him—it’s all a gift. What better way to spend your time?

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