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Remember Me?

I was about three years old when I discovered my reflection in the oven door. Scooting along in my plastic tricycle, I peddled across the kitchen floor at various times throughout the day— admiring my image each time I passed by the oven. But it didn’t stop there. At each pass-by I stopped, look into the oven at my reflection and said, “Hi, remember me?”

From the way my parents told this story, it was pretty cute.

The truth of the matter is, at three years old I had no idea how many times in my life those words would echo in my heart and even sometimes out of my mouth. If my guess is right, you’ve said those same words to yourself, and maybe even to God.

Oh, how many times I thought God forgot about me! Those dark days of loneliness, hurt and despair where only healed when he reminded me of his faithfulness to be near to the broken hearted. Exchanging his peace and comfort for my own sadness reminds me that he never forgets me or leaves me powerless.

I’ve lost myself in my adult years. I’ve needed that reminder of who I am and whose I am. I’ve gotten caught up in keeping up with trends and fads and even given in to peer pressure. I’ve forgotten who I really want to resemble. Looking at my unrecognizable reflection in the mirror, my heart has echoed that three year old sentiment, “Hi, remember me?”

As God’s child I don’t have to worry about him remembering me. His memory is impeccable. He knows me better than I know myself. But sometimes because of my human nature, I don’t recognize myself. I lapse back into behavior that I know doesn’t reflect the nature of God in me. If I am sensitive to God’s leading and his Spirit, I can hear him say to me, “Hi, remember me?” Those words bring a gentle reminder to nurture the relationship with God so that I will be an image of him. In the long run, that’s who I want people to resemble anyway.

How about you? Feeling forgotten? Distant from God? He is there—near to the wayward son or daughter, close to the broken hearted, shoulder to shoulder with those fighting the battle. Take a good look, he’s there. He remembers you. Maybe the better question is, do we remember him?

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