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Stay in the Game

What if you’ve slipped back into that forbidden sin?

What if your willpower wasn’t as strong as you thought?

Maybe you gave in to that temptation you thought you’d conquered.

Maybe you’re not even trying.

Maybe you are tired—of being strong, of hanging on, of taking the high road.

Maybe you’re just done.

Friend, the battle belongs to the Lord. He will fight for you. He is your defense, your strong tower, your almighty God.

But you’ve got to stay in the game.

Even the heroes of the Bible messed up things. Remember Noah and his daughters? David and Bathsheba? Moses and the Israelites? We aren’t even finished with the first few books of the Bible and we see God is already rescuing and restoring his people.

So get up.

Put the armor on.

Shake off the mud from your boots.

Read God’s Word.

Believe what it says.

Confess your sins—your mess ups.

Walk in freedom and forgiveness.

You can’t do this—without God’s help. But with God—all things are possible. He loves you, he wants his best for you.

Are you ready?

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