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The Unlikely Duet of Peace and Thankfulness

I've watched a family lose everything in a house fire. I've watched a good father pass away, leaving young children and a beautiful wife. I've watched parents bury their children. I've watched people lose everything in hurricanes. I've watched outwardly perfect marriages give way to divorce. Loss. Grief. Making sense of it all. I don't get it.

But what I do know:

Human understanding is overrated. In fact, God gives a peace that is so over our heads there's no way we can understand. And maybe that's kind of the point. He gets the glory when we embrace His peace.

Peace comes from gratitude. If you find your soul needs peace today, find something to be thankful for. Colossians 3:15 says, "And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful."

It's so easy and ordinary to be bogged down and buried in our circumstances. The pain is real, the loss is more than we can manage, the numbness is unexplainable. The lack of peace we feel in the dark times can only be combatted with gratitude.

So dig deep, friend. I know it's hard. But way down in your soul, find something to be grateful for today so that you can begin to renew the peace of God in your life. We don't have to understand everything he is doing. In fact, we can't. But we can be thankful in the small things we see happening around us. The acknowledgment of his hand in our lives, big and small, brings glory to him.

There's nothing more beautiful than a hurting, grieving soul crying out in thanksgiving to a sovereign God. I know. I've seen that beauty displayed all around me by some of the most courageous and beautiful people in my life.

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