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Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom with Gina and Sandy

We are finishing up our author interviews this week. I hope you've enjoyed getting to know just a little bit about a few of the remarkable, multi-tasking women who collaborated on the 12-week devotional: Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom.

Today we visit with Sandy Lipsky. Sandy is a transplanted Georgian and although we have never met in person, her warm personality invites readers to settle in and enjoy some down time reading her latest words. One of her entries in Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom, Lessons from a Dog, earned the award for Best Humorous Devotion. Congrats Sandy!!!

Enjoy the interview!

Tell us a little about yourself:

The third of three children, I grew up in Wisconsin amongst a close-knit, game playing family. After marrying my best friend who is also my brother-in-law (my sister married my husband’s brother), we moved to Michigan where we adopted our beautiful daughter. She is now a professional violinist who keeps us current in the music world.

Careers seem to change every decade for me. I began as a registered nurse, became a mom, then added music teacher to my repertoire. The call to put pen to paper came later in life and is a new pursuit. My first article published last year in Focus on the Family dealt with adoption. Wit, Whimsy, & Wisdom is my first book, and I am honored to be a part of this collaboration.

What do you love most about writing?

Love/hate is how I would describe my attitude toward writing. A common call to writers is B.I.C. Not the pen brand, but the posture needed to write. Butt In Chair. I hate being stationary. So, I’m learning to sit still and write the things God places on my heart so I can share it with others. That is what I love.

How did you get connected with the WordGirls?

While in between careers, I asked the Lord, “What’s next?” My sister, who is a published author, entreated me to consider writing. Finally, she wore me down and I said yes to an invitation to attend a WordGirls retreat in Wisconsin. This was almost three years ago. I went with hands and heart open. The founder of WordGirls, an amazing and wise coach, got me started and gave me direction. Her name is Kathy Carlton Willis. WordGirls is a supportive, loving, writing group that develops and challenges every level of writer.

Briefly describe your contributions to the Wit, Whimsy, and Wisdom devotional book.

A “No More” List discusses one strategy of coping with loss. I created a no more list after my mom’s death.

Lessons from a Dog was inspired by my dog Panda. I realized the calm; watchful behavior of my dog might be a model of the way God wants me to respond to Him. Sadly, Panda passed away a few weeks after this devotion was published.

Shame Vests came through my attempt to process a disturbing scene witnessed. How would I respond if I had to wear a vest with all my sins emblazoned on it?

The Kiss bubbled up after I witnessed something unexpected. The action observed reminded me that God sees everything and loves everyone.

Reward Wife deals with the value of a woman within marriage.

What’s next for you?

The future is exciting. My first plan of action is setting up a web page. Technology and I are not friends yet, but I’m working on it.

I also have been writing more devotions and short pieces which I hope to publish soon. My friends love sitting around the table listening to “Sandy stories.” The weirdest things seem to happen in my life. Compiling these stories is another project in progress.

I have a website Nothing is there yet but keep checking! Before long it will be up and running.

You can purchase Wit, Whimsy, and Wisdom on Amazon:

Blessings to you and keep reading!!

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