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Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling to keep your head up? Are you consumed by feelings of loneliness, lack of joy and defeat?Do you find yourself rehearsing hurts over and over in your mind?

Gina Stinson is one of my hilarity-and-hope sisters. She writes with a blend of humor and transparency that makes spiritual truths somehow seem more attainable in our everyday lives. Her book, Reclaimed:The Story of Rescued Moments and Days, shows us how Jesus salvages us from our disasters and performs the ultimate fixer-upper in our lives.                                      


~Rhonda Rhea, TV personality, humor columnist, and author of 18 books, including the award-winning rom-coms, Turtles in the Road and Off-Script & Over-Caffeinated


The truth is, we all feel stuck sometimes. Reclaimed invites readers on a daily devotional journey, where Jesus is the rescue hero of every story. Sharing humor, hurts and highlights from her own life, Gina’s straightforward approach opens the door for fellow reclaimers to gain the victory over their own painful circumstances. The message of hope resounds through each story, bridging the hearts of the discouraged and down-trodden to the heart of the good Father. 


Within these pages you’ll find:


  • 60 Truth Packed Storytelling Devotionals

  • 100+ Stop and Reclaim Scripture Passages

  • A 24 Hour Daily Reflect and Reclaim Journaling Spot 

  • 60 Second Quick Tips for Reclaiming Your Days

  • Links to free online resources from the Author


Bio: After years of living in fear and defeat, Gina Stinson is busy reclaiming every day for God’s glory. She is a pastor’s wife of 27 years and mom of two. Between family and ministry, she dabbles in gardening, crocheting and playing music on her second hand, baby grand piano. She writes true stories of God’s reclaiming power and is a storyteller for those who have overcome their circumstances and embraced God’s goodness. 

Just Released! 

Seeking special time with God each day?

Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom is here to be your guide.

In each devotion look for a concept you can refer back to in your

thoughts as you go about your day. The stories will give you some

grins, some grace and some grit to help you through the struggles

you face as well as help you celebrate moments of victory.


This three-month devotional is divided into five relevant sections.

Feel free to read it straight through or choose what you need that day.


Our sections feature:

  • Worship & Prayer       

  • Humor             

  • Family

  • Spiritual Growth         

  • Women’s Issues


Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom is the first WordGirls devotional, designed to use God’s Word and the words of WordGirls to help you fall in love even more with the Word made flesh—Jesus. “Our desire is for you to find nuggets within these pages that make you think, inspire you to worship, and even give you a few laughs along the way.” Kathy Carlton Willis, founder of WordGirls

I am a contributing author to this Devotional collection. If you are interesting in purchasing you can purchase through me directly by using the contact form or you can purchase through Amazon.