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30 Days of Thanks - Day 2

I was newly married, living in a cinder block apartment—the harsh reality of married housing on our college campus. Rent was $200 a month, including electricity. I was working as a switchboard operator at the college and Bruce was the manager of the student center.

We were happier than a parking-lot bird eating a stale cracker.


One day I walked down the sidewalk to a neighbor’s house. She was also newly married. But as I waited for her to open the door to her apartment, I glanced through the window to inside her home. It was like a picture from a tiny house magazine. She had a gorgeous tall entertainment center with books and decoratives, a new sofa—everything beautifully color coordinated. And in about five seconds flat, I was discontent.

I walked back to my apartment that day with a mental list of every single thing I needed to make my home better. From new curtains, rugs and table runners—the list grew and grew. Soon the music playing in my head sounded a lot like “cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching”— when in reality we were really just scraping by, living on love. I met a new reality when I came to grips with my empty wallet. There would be no re-decorating.

What you have doesn’t have to be terrible to want what someone else has.

And that’s how things like marriages and friendship and finances fall apart.

We become enamored with the view from the window. We begin to doubt that what God has provided for us will be enough.

Sometimes it is hard to be content with what God has provided you with for the moment. It can stir up feelings of ingratitude, jealousy and discontent when we fail to realize that God has personally selected the blueprint for our lives. It’s our own choices that can sometimes mess up his perfect plan.

Today I am thankful for his perfect provision for me. When I look back at how he has blessed my life I can’t help but see his hand in every step of the way. His provision for us financially, relationally, as a family and as an individual has been impeccable. If there has ever been a glitch it’s only been because of my own stupidity. I am not blessed because he has given me stuff, I am blessed because I know where my provision comes from.

I don’t have to look at other’s stuff to know I am not the richest or best. Society has made it more than clear that they will always provide more things for me to “need.” But God is my provider. Every provision he has and will make for me will be the best and the richest for my situation. He doesn’t do things half-way. He knows exactly what we need, before we ask and he will provide.

How has God provided for you this year? Maybe it’s a friendship you needed, or prayer support. Maybe God has given you more time for a hobby or has helped you grow spiritually. Maybe He has been a comfortor, a shelter, a tower of strength. What do you need to thank him for providing for you this year?

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