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Days of Thanks Day 10

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We all love a feel-good story—

The underdog gets the cute girl.

The man in the wheelchair wins the race.

The sick person rebounds.

The rebel repents.

The addict recovers.

But what we don’t like is the struggle. But in every story of success or redemption there is a friction of struggle.

The successful diet didn’t just miraculously happen. The book didn’t write itself. The garden didn’t just bear fruit. No, in every situation in our lives, when it’s time to choose whether or not we really want something, there is a struggle. The struggle reveals our weaknesses, our idols and our flaws. Many times we don’t even want to look at those struggles because they show us the depth of our imperfections and the strength it will take to overcome. Sometimes it just seems like the job is too big, too difficult, too lengthy.

But struggles are good for us because they can reroute our trust in ourselves to trust in God. Nothing done in our own strength lasts very long. God is our power source and unless we are plugged into him, our battery life on our own is short. Leaning on the Lord and relying on him during our times of struggles is a beautiful picture of how God the Father takes care of us. In our weakness, he makes us strong enough to hand the struggle—not on our own—but in his own strength. (2 Corinthians 12:8-10)

The struggles we face are nothing in the hand of God. He is the God of the impossible. And that is what makes the struggle worth it. Today, I am thankful for the struggles. They bring me closer to God and to complete dependence on him. The struggle is real, friend. Plug into the power source that can get you through!

What are you thankful for today?

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