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Days of Thanks Day 7

It can happen in an instant:

A job loss. A car accident. A wayward child. A cheating spouse. A presidential election.

And poof! Our peace is gone.

In our world, so full of darkness, the light we carry is a peace that passes all understanding. It’s what makes us stand out, different and causes others to wonder how we can be so calm. Peace doesn’t mean we ignore the facts, bury our head in the sand or dismiss the brevity of a situation. It doesn’t even mean that a smile is plastered to your face. So, what is peace?

1. Peace is a quiet confidence that God is in control.

2. Peace is the acknowledgement that even if you don’t know how he is going to work it out, you know he will. 3. Peace is trusting God will get the glory. 4. Peace allows us to sit back and watch God at work. 5. Peace relieves us of the need to fix it, and prompts us to let God. 6. Peace gives thanks in advance for what God is going to do in the situation. 7. Peace leaves the results to God.

Today I am thankful for the peace of God that surpasses my understanding. I have not always walked in the peace that is available. I have taken things into my own hands and paid the price. Part of reclaiming peace in my life has been to learn a few lessons the hard way! I am thankful that my behavior has not limited God’s gift of peace. It is there for us, always. Our part is to accept the beautiful gift. What a difference we can make in this world, what a shocking contrast we can be to the worried and frazzled, if we will walk in peace.

What are you thankful for today?

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