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Rise Up!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I watched as she was judged for her inexperience. I watched as older women critiqued her choices—the good ones, the bad ones and the ones that were none of their business. I saw the looks. I heard the snide remarks. I felt the judgment think in the air.

Older women, we have such an opportunity to share hope, wisdom and love to a younger generation. Their style of parenting and marriage might look a little different than yours did. They may multitask, work from home, navigate social media, and decision make in a whole different way than you do. But instead of condescending looks and judgmental glances, can we encourage? Could we possibly cheer them on? Could we even learn from them?

In our efforts to appear wise, sometimes we instead look careless and uninvolved and harsh. Let's face it, sometimes these younger women with all their confidence don't appear to need what an older, wise woman might have to offer...but lean in......

That's a lie straight from the pit of hell.

I've watched this pandemic wreck havoc on the faith of women. No they didn't stop believing in God, but they have had a hard time understanding him. And while those stronger sit back and criticize our government, our leaders and our police force, there's a generation of young moms, young career women, college grads and college bound young women that could sure use an example of what a woman grounded in faith looks like.

Women of faith and hope—those who are steadfast in their walk with Christ, it's time to rise up! It's time to confess our faith and our faults and to share our stories with younger women. They need to hear how God has carried us through past "pandemics" in our life. They need to see us navigating the pressures and anxieties of this world through the grace and power of a strong and capable God.

Are you with me? What can we share with the next generation during these times of crisis? How can we build better communication and relationship?

Let's talk about it in the comments.

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