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30 Days of Thanks

Things don’t have to be perfect for us to give thanks. If they did, we might never give thanks.

So this season on the horizon—this November—where we gather on one special day to give our thanks to God, could we decide right now to arrive early and linger later?

For more than ten years I’ve invited friends and followers to engage in, “Days of Thanks,” in November. It’s a quick daily exercise each day of the month where we engage in offering thanks to God and to each other.

I know what your thinking. And I know for some it will be the hardest of tasks to reveal those things. It will take effort, courage and even deep thought to rummage through the rubble of 2020 and give thanks.

But what greater gift to give this year than to reach deep and find those things we can give thanks for. We can do it together. You and me. Right here.

It starts Sunday. 30 Days of praise. 30 Days of flooding your world with thanks.

Join me here each day, post your gratitude for the day and share with friends. 2020 has already taken so much, let’s not let it take our thanksgiving too.

Will you join me?

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