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30 Days of Thanks Day 3

When I was thirteen, the worship leader at our church gave me the opportunity to play the piano for our church services. I had been taking piano lessons for exactly two years. Looking back, I realize either our church was extremely desperate or I was gifted. I am banking on option number one! Either way, God was preparing me for a life-long opportunity to serve and worship him through music.

But I have not always stewarded that opportunity well. I have served with hesitation, even fear. I have, at times, made it about me. I have worried over mistakes, quit, served out of obligation and even guilt. It hasn’t always been what you see on worship videos, with hands lifted high and hearts bowed in worship.

These aren’t proud moments. These are the moments I wasted the opportunity God gave me.

When God gives us opportunities, whether through our talents, gifts, work or family, we have the responsibility to steward those opportunities well. And let’s just be honest, we fail sometimes. But let’s take a look at what good stewardship looks like:

—A woman who works hard at her job and uses it as an opportunity to demonstrate God’s work ethic —A college student who is diligent and uses his time and resources wisely to demonstrate God’s purpose in his life —A businessman who gives generously to his employees, because someone once did the same for him —A Savior who used every opportunity to draw men closer to his Father —A family who gives their lives to live thousands of miles away from loved ones to tell others of Jesus —A child who uses his gift on the basketball court or the playing field to invite his friends to church so they can hear about Jesus —Parents who teach their children the important lessons in life

You see, we are all given opportunities. The choice is ours as to how we will handle them. As we grow in our walk with the Lord, we recognize that these opportunities are more like gifts than anything. In my own life, the more I understood the privilege to worship and the more I understood who God is, the better I managed the musical opportunities He gave me.

What opportunities are you thankful for today? Maybe it’s rocking a newborn, working a job you love or the opportunity to visit a friend. Opportunities abound, friend. What will you make of yours? Will you be a thankful manager or will today be about wins and losses? Don’t let the enemy steal your opportunity to praise God right where opportunity finds you today!

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