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7 Things God Hates

The word hate is being spewed around a lot these days. People have different opinions about what everyone should hate and what everyone should love and what everyone should accept. It can become very nerve-wracking trying to decipher what’s on the emotional menu for the current world situation.

But the truth is, God has outlined a few things that he hates. And just because God hates these things is reason enough that as Christians we should hate them too.

Here’s the list: (Proverbs 6:16- 19)

1. Arrogance 2. A Lying Tongue 3. Hands that shed innocent blood 4. A heart that plots wicked schemes 5. Feet eager to run to evil 6. A lying witness who gives false testimony 7. And one who stirs up trouble among brothers.

Y’all this passage was written long ago. We can’t even make this stuff up. God’s had it in his plan all along that these things were detestable.

It’s easy to reference many of these hated offenses to others: professional ball players, politicians, media, abortionist, murderers, genocide, accomplices, destroyers, vandals, judicial fraud, courtroom conspiracist, a gossip, a drama queen, a pot stirrer.

But, if we stop long enough we might recognize our sins in the list of God’s most hated. And what a shame. Christians who find themselves in situations where arrogance, lying, mischief, murder, vandalism, fraud and stirring up stuff is prevalent, need to take a second look at themselves and make sure that while we are proclaiming Jesus is Lord, we are living like Jesus is Lord.

We have the resources as Christians to lead lives that are under the control of the Holy Spirit. We will look different when we act differently, but the change begins in a surrendered heart. When I act in such a way that God says he detests my behaviors, it’s hard for people to see my clear witness for Christ.

Let’s be careful to uphold the righteous living that God clearly defines in his word and put away these detestable behaviors.

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