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I broke my pinky toe yesterday. Isn't that the most awful pain? I think I complained less after my C-sections. LOL

Pain. Not something many of us like to joke about. More often than not, it's not the physical pain, but the emotional pain that hurts the most.

A betrayal A gossip A love turned A wayward child A fractured relationship A disappointment A loneliness

No one really wants to talk about those pains.


Is it pride? Fear of judgement? Feeling like no one really cares? Wondering what others will think? Disappointment in your own self?

Friend, there's so much enemy agenda in all those thoughts. It's thick. The enemy wants you to be isolated and feeling like there's not a place for you in this world. He wants you to be self-absorbed in the conflict of decisions (some not even your own) that impact you. He is the liar whispering in your ear that no one cares. He is the destroyer who wants to take every bad situation and make it increasingly worse. He is killer of all good and holy things.

It's time to step back and identify.

Jesus—.the best caretaker wants to take these pieces of brokenness and make something beautiful. These are the words of your testimony. This is where your story starts. This is where you will say, "There was a time in my life..." Jesus wants to breathe life back into every part of your dead story.

The choice is yours. Are you ready to make it?

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