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A Prayer for Wisdom

If you knew something terrible was ahead, would you tell? If you saw someone grappling with thoughts of suicide, adultery, mischief or drugs? Would you step in? Would you speak up?

Wisdom does.

Simply put, wisdom cries out and invites us into her home. She says,

“Don’t be stupid. Wisdom is better than silver and gold. Accept it before you settle for temporary wealth or success. Use common sense, don’t be fool. I have what you really need. I share my home with knowledge, discretion and good judgement. Listen Up, I’m telling the truth.”

Proverbs 8 wisdom begs us to listen up. Wisdom is like a good lawyer who lays out the facts and begs the jury to believe. Wisdom is like the parent who pleads with their teenager to change their ways. Wisdom is the preacher beckoning his congregation to repent and get right.

Wisdom is crying out in love for those listening.

I wonder, for one moment, if we could make wisdom’s cry our own. Our world needs to slow down. We need to be wise. We need to value wisdom above our own voices, above the wealth and success of this world. We need to take up residence with God’s knowledge, discretion and good judgement. We need to listen up.

What if we all just prayed a proverbial prayer for wisdom for our world today? My prayer and maybe yours would be: (based on Proverbs 8:1-12)

Father God, our world needs your wisdom today. We need hearts that are tuned to your voice of knowledge and discretion and good judgement. We need to take up residence with you and your word. Let it start with me. Help me move only to the sound of your words, your knowledge. Help me have discretion, realizing that your voice is the voice we need to hear now. Help me to use good judgement when I need to make decisions. And help me most of all to listen to you. Just you. For today, let me hear only you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Will you join me?

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