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A Taste of Freedom

I don’t like this new normal.

In fact, I’m betting you don’t either.

Over the last two years I have not heard (not even once),

“These are the best days.” “More of this please!” “Give me an extra helping of 2020/21.”

No, most of us are guilty of wishing these days away, complaining they are too hard, inconvenient or messy. We want our way, our agenda, our plans.

And we want our people. Whether separated because disease has ravaged their bodies or whether separated by social distance or quarantine—or something entirely different—we want to see each other.

These are natural feelings and thoughts. We would be almost calloused to feel differently.

But I’ve been convicted too. I’ve been guilty of feeling an overwhelm that was born out of anger, frustration and cowardice. I’ve been tempted by ease, comfort and even pride. I’ve thought I knew best every single time, whether it aligned with God’s plan or not.

And it’s not all been well with my soul.

While on the outside my spiritual jargon has been getting me by, inwardly I’ve struggled with discontentment.

“It’s been a long time, Lord. I’m growing weary. I feel helpless, distracted by sadness, grief, heartache. I feel a longing for something more, yet a comfortableness to stay wrapped in my fear and discontent. Sometimes it’s easier to withdrawal. Send help, Lord.”

Relate? Have you been sending up SOS prayers too?

Well, friend, I think this is our normal. Life as we knew it two year ago isn’t coming back. So we have some choices to make.

To be honest, it’s time to set our eyes on truth. And it starts with getting truthful with ourselves.

1. What am I afraid of? 2. What do I have control of? 3. Have I drifted to a place of laziness in my spiritual walk? 4. Am I lying when giving reasons for not getting out, being involved or helping my neighbor—am I really just lazy, full of fear or complacent? 5. Who do I place my trust in? 6. While being wise, what are steps I can take to adapt to life as we know it today? 7. Is there any good I can get involved with? 8. Is there a ministry I can have to those around me? 9. If this moment has paralyzed me with grief, fear, laziness or something else, am I reaching out to God and others to process my pain? 10. Have I taken the time to grieve the loss of this season? —whether physically, spiritually or emotionally.

The Bible tells us the truth (Jesus and His Word) sets us free—and that means that lies (Satan is the father of lies) hold us in bondage.

I don’t know about you but freedom has a sweet taste. I want to know that—I want to experience that! I don’t want to be bowed low in bondage to a complaining spirit or discontent heart or a lazy attitude.

I want to be free. Can you take a step toward life-giving freedom today?

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