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Affair Proof Marriages

The loudest voice in my head is the voice of my parents. Still 47 years later when faced with big decisions some of the advice and council that comes to my mind first is that of Charles and Nancy. A voice that can still be heard after decades, is a loud voice. Thank the Lord they were believers and the counsel given and received was godly.

However, maybe the loudest voice for you is your spouse, a preacher or teacher or a wise friend. Somewhere along the way this person or people helped to guide you through a rough patch, a time of doubt, a moment of temptation or answered questions about your faith. These people are gifts.

But the most reliable source for direction, teaching and corrective discipline is the light of God’s Word.

Proverbs 6:23 tells us the teaching from God’s Word will protect us from temptation, particularly sexual temptation, in this passage. Adultery to be exact.

There are so many things in Proverbs 6:24-35 that we need to be aware of when it comes to the consequences of adultery…

1. It doesn’t start with skin to skin – it starts with flattery, lust in the heart, body language vs 24-25 2. Adultery hurts and destroys ¬– it is represented by fire and burning coals. You can’t play with fire and go unburned vs 27-28 3. The man who commits adultery with another man’s wife will be punished. He will be destroyed, will be attacked, disgraced and people will hate him.

But all this can be avoided if the lessons from the lamp and light are remembered. God loves you so much that he places safeguards and warnings so that you would not be enticed by the enemy. The Bible and the wise counsel of mature and wise Christians provide escape routes for dangerous temptation. Looking back at Proverbs 6:20-23, reminds us that knowing the Bible in your mind and heart is vital to fighting the enemy.

It is no surprise that many, many people fall into adultery for many, many reasons. But all of them started by disregarding the principles found in God’s Word. Let me be clear, I am not being harsh. I have friends that I love that have been in adulterous situations and they will tell you there is always a price to pay. The gossip, slander, the children hurt, the disregard for reputation, the anger, the divorce, the hurt. The price is fierce. The consequence is great.

But God has been faithful, and in some situations, when all parties were willing to work hard, forgive, learn to love again and provide boundaries and accountability, marriages were restored. But there was a price. Make no mistake. There was loss and betrayal and death of innocence and purity. God always keeps his word, the words we like and the words we don’t. Don’t be deceived. He knows what he is talking about in Proverbs. Don’t put your marriage in the path of the adulterous man or woman.

So, friends, what are we doing to fight off the temptations in our lives? What are your best tips to fighting the enemy? Do you have a favorite verse you use to fight the devil? Anything else? In this case it’s adultery, but in general, what are you learning about fighting the enemy?

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