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Back to School Stress Relief

Kiddos starting school back soon? This week we will be sharing a few tips for starting your school mornings and evenings with grace:

Tip #1: Pray with your child before they go to bed each night. Not just a "Now I lay me down to pray" prayer, but ask them questions about what they are concerrned about, thankful for, or looking forward to tomorrow. Let them pray and then pray a prayer over them.

Why? Prayer calms the heart. Prayer acknowledges to God and others that we don't have all the answers. Prayer demonstrates our trust in God. Praying with our kids teaches them how to pray.

This world is a crazy place right now. Our kids sense this. What better way to end each day than with some special set-aside time to pray with our kids individually. It's the perfect way to put things into perspective and calm their worries.

Alternative Plan: If you are a grandparent, call and do this over the phone with your grandchildren. What a special way to be involved in your grandchild's life.

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