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Days of Thanks Day 18

I am thankful for the gifts and talents God has given each of us. So much joy comes from acknowledging the good in others...

The one who decorates your church for special events—has a gift.

The one who teaches your child’s class—it’s a calling!

The one who paints those Christmas scenes on shop windows—brings a smile to faces.

The beautifully designed home—Someone thought out those details— Every single one!

That Mr. Fix It? —he’s using the knack God equipped him with to help others.

The gardener didn’t just throw some seeds out—those rows and raised beds were carefully thought out.

It’s inspiring and beautiful to see and learn about the gifts of others. We are each gifted uniquely and it is such a beautiful blessing to watch as we grow into our gifts and learn to share them.

God has been generous to mankind and these gifts can be used to glorify him! What a unique opportunity for stewardship and honoring God!

What special gifts or talents can you thank God for today? (In yourself or make mention of someone who has blessed you by using their gifts.)

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