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Delayed, Not Forgotten

There have been times in my life where I felt forgotten—

The time my mom was late picking me up from basketball practice, the time I waited in the parking lot for my daughter to complete her ACT test, the time it took weeks to hear back from a job interview. Over and over in my life there have been moments when I have felt forgotten by others and even by God.

Job felt it. In the midst of testing and turmoil he wondered where God was. He felt the pangs of waiting—the isolation, the perplexity, the loneliness, the injustice. I admit, I have felt those same feelings while I have been waiting for God to show up.

But Job finds the words to say what we all know. Job 23:14 says, “What he (God) desires, that he does. For he will complete what he appoints for me.”

God ordained delay.

When my mom picked me up from basketball, truth is, she didn’t forget me. She was delayed by traffic. When Savannah was late finishing her ACT test, it wasn’t because she forgot I was waiting. The test was delayed and did not start on time. And that job interview that took what seemed like months to hear back from, ended up being the perfect answer to our employment issues. Waiting is hard. It challenges our patience. But it does not mean God has forgotten us. He will do what is best for us, when the time is right, for his glory.

What a comfort to know he has not forgotten me.

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