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Don't Be Lazy

It’s more than the occasional sleeping in. It’s more than just taking a day off. It’s different than giving yourself a mental health day. And we all know it.

Laziness. It’s that attitude of entitlement that whispers to us:

“Don’t worry about it, someone else will do it.” “No one will notice if it doesn’t get done.” “I deserve a day of rest.” “I just don’t feel it.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “What’s it gonna hurt?”

And usually sooner rather than later we feel the consequences of our laziness. - The boss gives someone else the promotion - We incur expenses because we didn’t take care of a small problem before it became a big problem.

- One day of unearned rest becomes a habit of selfishness.

- The repeated slacking off turns into stress to get things done all at once.

- My laziness and procrastination hinders others from accomplishing their goals.

Proverbs 6:6-11 cautions us against surrendering to laziness. We’re challenged to look at the work habits of the ant. A small and somewhat pesky creature. But he has purpose. He is moving, accomplishing and preparing. He is responsible for himself, taking initiative. He doesn’t have to be ordered around to know he has things to do. He prepares for the future–gathering food during the harvest, indicating that he looks past the present.

This lesson cannot be lost on us. In a society where we are challenged to self-care, enjoy life and live carefree, we can easily get caught up in a lifestyle of laziness. Our jobs, our responsibilities are not suggestions or options. God says, be like the ant. Observe his work habits and be wise.

Regular sabbath rest is essential and commanded, and our attitudes and actions toward our work, if done diligently, make those days of rest satisfying and fulfilling.

So let’s be diligent regarding the work God has given us. Whether you’re a homemaker, a banker, a teacher, a doctor, a student or a waitress––whatever God has called you to spend you days doing, do it diligently––like the ant. Then we can guiltlessly enjoy the rest God has provided for us.

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