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Don't Blink

Before you wish away these last days of summer before school starts—don’t blink.

In a flash, the days of "What’s for dinner? How much longer?" and the sound of your momma name being screamed through the house 5,000 times a day will be just a memory.

The Bible says there's a season for everything. I have to remind myself that this season before the start of school is important for reassuring my kid’s insecurities, praying for my kids academic weaknesses, reminding them they can do all the things God has asked of them with God's power in them and for extra minutes at bedtime and an extra scoop of ice cream every now and then. It's the end of the season of late night movies, too many video games and sleeping in.

Let’s make the most of these last summer days and really feed and build into our kids the things that will really carry them through the year of school—things like kindness and perseverance, diligence and love and reaching out and discipline. Let's have these conversations based on the characters in God's Word and the verses in God's Word so that they will penetrate the heart and the mind. And let's establish habits of encouragement and prayer.

So, here's to a great last few days of sunshine and summertime activity—

Don't blink! These days pass quickly!

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