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Don't Wait for Someone Else

She’s the single mom, the widow, the recently divorced, the never-been-married, the woman you know is in an unhealthy marriage. She’s the girl looking for love in all the empty places, the stressed out, the closet drinker who is ashamed of how her life has turned out.

She’s the neglected, the hurt, the quiet and the obnoxiously loud. She’s the caregiver, the fixer, the one who is working three jobs to make ends meet. She’s the homeroom mom who looks like she has it together, the entrepreneur, the president of the company. She’s the highly successful.

She is your neighbor, your child’s teacher, your pastor’s wife, your daughter.

February is the month of love and friendship. It’s a good time to remember those around you who might just need a word of love spoken over their life. With all the world has brought us in the last twelve months, we need to check on each other. We need to pick up the phone, bake the cake, show up, clean up, help out and speak into. Now is the time.

I have wasted many opportunities to do this. At times, God prompted my heart and I pushed aside the nudge.

“They’re ok, Lord.”

“They don’t care if I call or not.”

“I don’t have time right now.”

“I will do it later.”

If 2020-2021 has taught us anything, it should be that we don’t know anyone’s expiration date. So while everyone is mulling over valentines and cards and chocolates, pick up two coffees and head to her house. Pick up the phone and for once in your life, don’t multi-task! Just sit and talk and laugh. Be in the moment. Go for the walk with your daughter or neighbor. Have a tough conversation about womanhood, friendship or marriage. Take the time to grow and nurture your relationship with a friend or reach out to someone who needs a friend. Don’t expect that someone else will do it. You do it.

Be the friend.

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