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As an child, I lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood, for 16 years. There was a sort of security in knowing the lay of the land in our subdivision. Middle class houses lined up, culdesac circles branching off every so often—these were the bike paths of my adolescents. My brother and I knew the ins and outs of that subdivision and the fastest way home if we heard Mom ringing the dinner bell.

Our home was a modest middle class home at the base of Sewing Circle. Three bedrooms, two baths, single car garage and a large back yard. There was a formal living and dining room and the paneling in the family room screamed of the 1970-80's.

There was a comfort within those walls. I knew 1992 Sewing Circle was my safe place. My shelter. The people I loved were there, and the people who loved me were there. I knew this was the place I could fail or succeed and be loved the same. There was security in that home.

The same is even truer of God. In his word he tells us, "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."

Dwelling requires determination sometimes. It requires a stick-to-it attitude. Dwelling means we will stay put, we will endure the successes and failures and we will dwell in the shelter of God. We won't leave his protection when we get mad, hurt, disappointed or frustrated. Instead we will run to the safety, protection and security of the stable force in our lives, Jesus.

Dwelling isn't a hotel stay or a vacation home or a cabin rental. It's a residence. It's home. Are you running today? Are you looking for security in everything but Jesus. The great thing about him is there is always room for one more at his house. There is always a vacancy. Run home to Jesus and find your refuge and security there. Dwell with him.

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