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Family Dinner

Today's tip comes straight from the experts.

Tip #4: Eat dinner together around the table a few times a week.

I know, I know. this is hard. With ball practice and working late and teenagers and meetings— it's nearly impossible to make this happen. But it doesn't lesson the proven positive results of gathering together and eating a meal without distraction.

Experts tell us kids emotional and psychological wellbeing are more stable in families that have table talk. There's also health statistics that tell us that kids learn to eat healthier when they eat together with their family around the table. We are also told that kids whose families have family dinner are more likely to have open conversations with their parents.

As if we needed any other reasons, here's one more. When we gather at the table we tell those seated around us that for these moments, you have my undivided attention. In a world where so many other things push and pull for our time and energy, the family table can be a place where each family member can feel heard and valued.

Homefront magazine give us these conversation starters to have at the dinner table: 1. What was your high point of the day? 2. What was your low point of the day? 3. Where did you see God working today?

The meal can be take-out, microwaved, sandwiches, cereal or something fancy. It doesn't matter. You aren't required to set a special table. Paper plates and plastic cutlery are fine. The point is, get to the table and start talking!

How 'bout it? Can we do this? Can we set aside a couple of nights each week where we strengthen the family bond? Can we turn the TV off and the phone to silent for the time it takes to eat a meal? Let's try it! Let's reclaim the dinner hour. Everything else can wait while we nurture our body and our family.

What does dinner time look like at your house? Can we improve communication with our kids and spouse during mealtimes? What can you do to make a positive difference?

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