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I was working at my desk when I heard the loud noise. I was home alone and the noise had resonated from the kitchen area. My dog, Maks, laid at my feet and didn't even budge. I froze in my seat, waiting to hear more. But it didn't happen. There was no follow-up, there was no footsteps, there was no plundering through the kitchen drawers looking for valuables.

So after a few minutes I left the safety of my room, quietly opening my door, hoping I wasn't going to be coming face to face with an unwelcomed intruder. I saw nothing.

Where did the sound come from? Where was the person trying to break into my house? Where was the large raccoon that was supposed to be eating cereal on my countertop? Nothing...nada....not one trace of anything that would have sounded off my internal alarm.

That's how fear works. We get worked up about the unknown. We wonder until it turns to worry and anxiousness. We believe things we have no proof of, we react or are paralyzed by the thing that causes us to freeze up. Fear steals, kills and destroys. And whose tactics are those? Yep, the enemy, Satan himself.

Come to find out, the sound I heard? Was a large wooden picture that hangs on the far wall in the house. It fell off the wall. Simple as that. No intruder, no raccoon, nothing exciting or scary or devastating or hurtful or harmful. Nothing to be paralyzed about, nothing to be worried about.

Most of our fears are irrational. And the ones that are reasonable, we can trust with God.

His word says, "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7.

When you feel fearful, like your mind is playing tricks on you, anxious or worried, remember that's not the path of God....he's all about strengthening you, love and clarity.

Be fearless today!

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