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God Gives us More than we can Handle

Suffering...trials...hurts. We've all been there, are there or will be there. When the weight of the world seems to be crashing down on us and we don't think we can handle one more minuscule ounce, we are tempted to think it all falls on us to bear.

But that's stinkin' thinkin'. And actually quite prideful. If you have Jesus as your Savior then you have the amazing opportunity to rest in the knowledge that the same God who raised His son from the grave is there for you too.

He isn't a backup plan—He is the plan.

He isn't there if you need Him—He is there. He's not a last resort—He is the only resort.

When we stop trying to fix things on our own—when we stop trying to carry the weight of every struggle, we will get a glimpse of how freeing it is to let Him do the heavy lifting.

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