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God Interruptions

It's Friday. And it's been one of those weeks. You know the kind. The one where all your calendared plans became mere suggestions instead of things that actually came to pass. I've been trying to sit down with enough time to order groceries since Monday. We've eaten more fast food this week than Ronald MacDonald himself. It's just that way sometimes.

And I can pitch a fit because things didn't go my way, or I can rest knowing that even if I was the cause of things going haywire (and let's just get real and admit we are our own worst enemy sometimes) God can still redeem this week. He can come in like a champ and rescue all the stolen, wasted, misused moments.

Sometimes He reschedules our days. His God-interruptions make moments that would seem wasted, redeemed. He did that for me this week. I had a couple of days planned out and he stirred the plan up. And even in the rearrangement he gave me time to do a few things that I really wanted and needed to achieve. But his plan, his interruption, was so much more important than what I had planned.

When God orders the minutes in our days, we can argue or we can agree. We choose. I know I have reacted both ways, and almost always when I argue with him, chaos rules my day and my plans are out the window anyway. But when I yield my way to his, he multiplies my time and energy. He prioritizes my day.

So the next time your schedule gets God-interrupted, rest knowing that when he orders your steps you are on the right path to a successful and fulfilling day. No worries about what you don't get done. He knows what's the most important.

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