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God is Faithful

In the dry times of summer when the heat and pressure of life is too much. When I feel tired from the burdens and the hardships...He's faithful.

In the cool temps of autumn, when beauty and bounty surround me and I feel and see His presence in creation as leaves turn and thanks are given...He's faithful.

When the harsh winds of winter stir up feelings of resentment and bitterness and hurt and my limbs have nothing to give except a dried up effort ...He's faithful.

And in the spring...when hope is at its best. When new life surrounds me and the promises of a brighter day are before me...He's faithful.

In every season, He's right there. He's known the struggles I would face and the joys I'd experience. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He's orchestrated these events. His faithful, steady hand is just as good in the bad times as the good and He's still every reason that we have to live and breathe and sing and worship.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, "He has made everything beautiful in its time."

When you're doubting Him and wondering what He's doing during a certain season of your life remind yourself, that in His time, at just the right moment, this will be a beautiful season. In life and in death, in joy and in sorrow, in good times and bad, He takes those seasons of winter and creates beautiful springtime flowers and trees in shades of colors we can barely describe. It may not be what we thought, or anticipated or could even imagined. No, it might just be better. Whether God allows us to experience this beauty here, or in eternity, we can always trust Him to be faithful to us and to His word.

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