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He Notices

There are times when our circumstances can be so overwhelming that we are knocked off our feet. We feel disappointed in God, unsure of what he is doing, unclear of our next steps.

It's during those times we can choose to lean in—like the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Because of the crowd, she couldn't get to Jesus, but he was just within reach as he passed by and she stretched out to reach for him, believing that he could heal her if she could just get close enough.

And Jesus noticed. He turned, talked with her and healed her.

Friend, is what you're going through more than you can handle and you're having trouble seeing Jesus in the crowd? Reach out. Lean in. Stretch. Just touch the hem.

He will do for you what he did for this woman. He will notice, turn, talk with you and begin to heal your heart. He sees your mustard seed faith. He notices the slightest move in his direction.

Matthew 9:21-23

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2021

What great words-“He notices the slightest move in His direction.” Thank you for this beautiful devotion and the reminder of God’s pursuing love!

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