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I Will Give you Rest

Stretched out on my king-sized bed, I stared at the TV screen. I appeared to be mildly engaged in the Hallmark movie on the screen, but my thoughts were parked on sad news I had received about a friend. My mind was wondering to “What if’s,” “How could God do this?” and “I don’t believe it.” My heart was loaded down with grief.

This is what happens when we exist in the temporary. Our imaginations wander to the worst-case scenarios. Our eyes fix on what we can see. Our intellect questions a loving and wise God.

While these thoughts flew through my head, my gaze shifted to a primitive sign on my wall that simply says, “Every hour I need thee.” That truth bomb hit me in the heart. I do need God every hour. Every single hour of every single day, I need him. In those moments of doubt as I stared at my television—I needed him. As I questioned how God will take care of something—I needed him. When I was frustrated by human limitations, disease, death—I needed him.

Needing God is a sign of spiritual humility. It’s admitting that I don’t have it figured out. It’s admitting I don’t know everything. It’s giving up my opinion for something better—God’s opinion. It’s giving up my rights and realizing the best place for me to be is surrendered.

Surrendered. Like a baby crying herself to sleep in her mother’s arms. The screams turn to crying, the crying to whimpering and soon to hushed breaths on the mother’s shoulder. That’s the kind of surrender I want to posture.

The comfort and security of the mother’s arms around her child, gift the baby with a warmth and cherished place. The mother’s embrace gives the child peace, warmth and rest. There’s no other place that baby wants to be.

That’s what I want. And like a good father, God gives us that place of peace and rest. My worries don’t have to be dissected on my bed in front of the television. They can be put to rest in the loving arms of a God who whispers for oceans to rest and skies to drizzle rain. If he can handle the very rotations of the planets, he can handle you and me.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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