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In the Chaos

Recently in a Bible study class we began a study on Genesis 1. The days of creation were filled with shock and awe as God the Father, the master Creator spoke the world into being. As the teacher was sharing what this might have looked like to us, we concluded that to our eyes it might have looked somewhat chaotic. But, knowing God is a God of order and decency we know that it only might have looked disorderly because we (mankind) couldn't see the whole picture.

And isn't that the truth? Sometimes from our viewpoint life can look out of control, disorganized and chaotic. But be assured God can and does use those circumstances to create something in spite of what looks like a mess.

Sometimes we make the mess. Sometimes He allows chaos around us (think Job) and sometimes we suffer from the chaos in another person's life. Whatever way you find yourself looking down the barrel of craziness and out of control circumstances, know that God can create order in just one word. His timing is perfect. His order is right. He will have the last word. And just like what appeared to be chaos at creation was really His divine and perfect plan all along, we can see that plan worked out in our own lives.

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