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Joy is on the Way!

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5


That gut-wrenching cry The grief The heartfelt sobs The uncontrollable tears The pain that comes from not being in control.

Endures for the night—

But not forever.

Maybe you're going through your night season and your tears are flowing freely.

Maybe you can't even imagine being joyful again.

Maybe the pain is so familiar that you're not sure you would know if joy returned.

But joy is coming. That's not a maybe. It's for real. Joy is on the way. This season of weeping, of grief, may last a long long time, but joy is coming in the morning.

The joy that gives us power and strength. The joy that enables us to walk on. The joy that slaps Satan in the face.

The joy of the Lord—it will return.

Child of God, it may look different than what you planned for, different than you had dreamed or hoped for. But weeping helps put things into perspective and the joy of the Lord looks different, yet the same for those who walk in it.

So weep...during your night season. And then, as joy awakens and you begin gaining strength, embrace that joy—sincere joy—

Not some goofy, nothing-bad-ever-happens-to-good-people junk. . .

But the real sincere joy that God says will come again.

Soon—maybe today.

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