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Lead Me to the Rock

Are you spread too thin? Are you starting this week feeling like you’re already playing catch-up?

The last three weeks have been a little crazy around here. After a fun trip to the beach with my daughter, I came home to turn right back around to help with our in house student ministry camp. At the end of camp, I heard a snap, crackle, pop as I took the step to get into my SUV the last night. This landed me on bed rest for about five days. We then made a quick trip out of town for a funeral.

I feel like life needs to slow down so I can catch up on laundry and grocery shopping and my weed infested garden.

The truth is, God’s plan for the overwhelmed is to allow His presence to invade our hearts. He says when our hearts are overwhelmed, he will lead us to a place that reminds me of his position. David says, “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (Psalm 61:2)

Have you ever climbed a mountain or taken a steep hike? Once you’re at the high point and you gaze out into the vastness you are reminded of the enormity of our creator God. That knowledge brings a peace—A peace that we can trust him on the busy days, a peace that everything will work out—because if God can create this masterpiece, surely he can help me navigate my days.

Rest easy friend. I’m taking that deep breath with you. He’s got today in the palm of his hand. Climb the rock and let his presence fill you.

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