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Nobody likes a Know-it-All

No one likes to be around someone who thinks they know everything. In fact, this behavior turns most people off.

So with the generous gift of wisdom that God gives, also comes the need for humility. Proverbs 3:7 tells us that we should not consider ourselves wise and in order to help us do that we should fear the Lord and turn from evil. When we have a proper fear of the Lord we see ourselves for what we are–– sinners saved by the grace of God. There is nothing to be puffed up or proud about when we think of the sin that we have committed that sent Jesus to the cross for us. The playing field is suddenly level at the foot of the cross.

As we grow in wisdom it might appear that we have “all the answers.” This won’t be the type of attitude that attracts people to Christ. Instead his word teaches us to remain in an attitude of humility and honoring the Lord. First with living righteously, and then by giving generously, listening to the Lord’s instruction and receiving his guidance and correction.

If we are proud we will not appreciate this relationship that he desires and it will become a burden instead of a blessing. Humility is the key.

When I was a child, through my teenage years, my mom had two friends who were her tribe. They went from garage sale to garage sale, they permed each other’s hair, they raised 9 kids between the three families and they served the Lord and others in our local church. By looking at them you might not have seen what I saw, but I knew that behind their home perms and hand me down bargains there was more. There were endless prayer conversations, Bible studies and lunch dates centered around one of them needing an understanding ear and a heart full of wisdom. That is walking in humility and sharing wisdom at its finest.

We all need that. Someone who will take God’s word and lovingly walk with us through life. We don’t need our ego puffed up or another empty “you got this.” We need to keep and be wise company. We need to be that wise person to some and have a couple of friends, who like my mom’s friends, gathered for more than a good time.

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