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Parenting Goals

The pitter patter of little feet soon turns into the car keys jingling as they leave to go out with friends. It happens so quickly. The tiny waddlers turn to school athletes and before you know it they are running and reaching their own goals. I know. This is my season now.

And it's beautiful. Watching someone you have invested in and prayed over for nearly 18 years launch into adulthood with confidence in Christ, in who he made her to be and in a plan for her future is rewarding. But the work isn't done. And in some ways it's just beginning.

Parents of graduates of 2020 and other nearly 20 somethings, we are still needed. I am reminded of this when I look back at my own life. At nearly 48 years of age, I still lean into the wisdom of my mom and dad. I still ask questions about all sorts of things, not because I have to, but because I want to. I want to hear what advice they have for me, what they have learned over their lives and what to avoid.

In Biblical times families many families lived close and stayed close, with generations living and supporting each other. I know that times have changed, but that same sort of support— the cheering on, the asking for advice, the sharing of goals and fears and dreams— should be an overflowing resource for our kids as they navigate the waters of adulthood. We don't have to watch them spiral down a hole of bad decision making, if they are wise enough to ask and learn and seek direction from those who know better.

And don't think for one minute I have all this figured out or know all the answers. But thank the Lord, he does! His word is full of all the wisdom our kids need. Pointing them there is the answer to building confident adults. Let's not becoming weary in doing good! We are a stable resource for our kids as they fly off into adulthood.

Psalm 78:4-7 says, We will not hide them from their children, but will declare to the next generation the praises of the LORD and His might, and the wonders He has performed. For He established a testimony in Jacob

and appointed a law in Israel, which He commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the coming generation would know them—even children yet to be born—to arise and tell their own children that they should put their confidence in God, not forgetting His works, but keeping His commandments.

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