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I am exceptionally good at putting things off that I do not enjoy. How ‘bout you?

Cleaning out the garage, dieting, folding that last load of towels—all grounds for receiving an incomplete grade! I just don’t enjoy certain tasks and therefore, it takes discipline for me to achieve success or completion. And while these tasks may not be important to everyone, we all have jobs, a list, or a chore that needs to be done and we just don’t have the gumption to get it finished.

Self-discipline is a difficult skill to incorporate in my life. My human nature wants to find something else to do, to justify all the reasons I can’t find the time and to sweep responsibilities right under the proverbial rug.

God’s way is better. He gives us a guideline to do things decently and in order and to do things with all our might. He instructs us to have the eternal mindset of doing our tasks like we are doing them for him! Would that change the way I do things? Would it change my outlook?

What can we do for the Lord today? What task have you been procrastinating over? What chore needs to be done? Who do you need to share Christ with? Does your neighbor need a helping hand? Very easily laziness or an apathetic attitude can settle in our hearts. Let’s adopt God’s way of serving and working and show the world by our actions that his way is always best.

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