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Slow to Speak

This week I am reminding myself that God has everything under control. I don't need to be stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated.

My best witness this week might just be remaining calm, peaceful and confident in the sovereignty of God. Wouldn't that be a welcomed changed from all the crazy in the world right now? Wouldn't that make people wonder what's different? Wouldn't that give me the opportunity to talk about Jesus?

Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by feeling the need to run our mouths. I can believe that God has things under control, but if my mouth spews worry, angry words, urgent panic, or if I speak without knowing all the facts—I appear foolish, a liar or even a hypocrite.

This week might be the right time to practice self-control, to listen to the facts, to process information and then, when the time is right—with calm assurance, a sound mind and a humble heart—speak up.

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