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The Forbidden Woman

She’s provocative, forbidden, a flatterer. She’s abandoned her husband –– either outright or with her heart. She’s forgotten her vows she made to God at the wedding altar. Her house and her ways are sinking to the depths of death. Once you are sucked in by her ways, it’s too late. Her seduction wins. She brings moral ruin. She is adulterous.

This is the way of the “strange or forbidden” woman in Proverbs.

And if you think she isn’t around today you’re only fooling yourself. She’s the flirty co-worker, temptuous babysitter, the over complimentary saleswoman, the bartender, the needy, the overhelpful, the neglected.

And fathers and mothers would be wise to teach our sons how to avoid these women––and our daughters how to not become them. This won’t happen if we don’t start training up strong children in the wisdom of God’s Word. Proverbs 2:16-19 says, wisdom will be what rescues our sons from this and what will indwell our daughter so they do not pick up the flirty attributes of a woman of destruction.

What’s alarming is these women are in our homes every day. In the TV shows we watch, the magazines we look at and the computers we stare at. And if we don’t learn the fundamentals of getting and keeping wisdom, we will lose our children to the seductress of immorality, adultery, pornography, divorce, affairs, cheating, deceit and more. Homes across the world have been impacted by the sneakiness of the flattering woman. She knows exactly what to say to entice the unprepared target.

The interesting thing about Proverbs is that is it principle based. So, before you get angry that Solomon was just addressing the women in the room, be relieved. The same could be said for the seductive men in the world. Those wooing women, abusing women and destroying homes all by flattering, spoiling and enticing the simple-minded woman. We have to wake up to the divisive tactics that the enemy is using to destroy our families. These principles are not discriminatory. They go both ways.

So, parents, wise up! Get honest with your sons and daughters about the distractions and enticements that the world will present them. Help them stand tall for what God’s Word says. In the end, heartache will be avoided, wisdom will win and God will be glorified.

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