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Winds and Waves

The peaceful swoosh of the waves coming on shore at 8am gave me pause. I stood there looking at the ocean and breathed in the air. Deep breaths. Cleansing breaths.

I moved to sit under the umbrella. There was, as of yet, no rush of children racing to jump the waves. All was calm and peaceful as the occasional shell seeker walked by casually. A morning haze nestled over the east, with puffy clouds littering the sky. A breeze whipped my hair in the wind.

This was beauty.

As I sat quietly for nearly two hours, I thought of the strength of the ocean. God created this vast span of water and yet, at this moment, where the water reached me, it was calm and relaxing. What a stark contrast to the water of a hurricane or tropical storm.

The winds and waves obey God’s voice. (Matthew 8:27)

Oh, that I would be as quick to obey. There is a beauty and peace in surrendering my will for God’s. The rise and fall of the waves signal surrender. The crashing of the current releases a pressure and the letting go brings the water peacefully to the shore. Obedience to God’s will gives us that same peace in our souls. The waves may be crashing around us, but in our hearts we know, it is well.

Do you need to surrender something today? Control, problems, relationships? Experience the peace of obedience and surrender. Be quick to obey—just like the winds and waves.

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