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Wisdom Brings Gifts

I’ve made quick decisions without thinking of the lasting consequences. At other times I’ve wondered if I was making a good decision. Sometimes the decision was for myself and sometimes it was for those in my care. As the caretaker of my home, my husband and my children some days can feel like all I do is say, “yes,” or, “no.”

But the beauty of taking the time to seek out God’s wisdom is that I have such peace when I know I have leaned into the heart and mind of God. In Proverbs 2:9-12 we are given a list of even more ways we benefit from gaining wisdom and teaching wisdom.

1. I will understand right living, justice and integrity (or the right path) 2. Wisdom will enter my mind 3. God’s knowledge will delight my heart 4. Discretion will watch over me (Discretion protects the mind) 5. Understanding will guard me (Understanding protects the body- when we seek wisdom we will understand God’s ways in having control over our bodies) 6. These qualities rescue me from the way of evil and the one who says perverse things. Y’all (in my best Texas accent) what more do we need? Beyond salvation wisdom is the ultimate gift! And it isn’t just for me. If my son or daughter will listen and learn, then they will have all these benefits too!

These first chapters may appear redundant, but we need to remember when God’s Word repeats something, we need to perk up and investigate the reason why. In Proverbs we can see that the repetition is to get our attention and to emphasize the importance of gaining wisdom¬¬–for ourselves and to share with others.

Do you have a past littered with poor decision making? There’s no deadline for wisdom. Begin seeking and reading God’s Word for the answers to your questions. The principles found in Proverbs are just the beginning.

What do you need today? -Understanding - Discretion - Righteousness -Justice -Integrity -Knowledge -Rescuing

His Word is the place to find it. Begin reading, seeking and trusting him to give you all you need to make good decisions and pass those things along to others.

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