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Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom w/ Gina and Edna

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to several of the remarkable contributors of the new 12-week devotional, Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom. This collaborative Wordgirls collective brings 22 authors together as they share personal stories that will help you fall in love even more with the Word of God in the flesh—Jesus.

Today, Edna joins us from Southeast Texas:

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

I’ve been married for 48 years, this March 24! Mike and I enjoy adulting with our three grown daughters and five grandchildren. My hubby retired from a thirty-five year career as a Beaumont police officer, and I retired last May from a thirty-three year teaching career. Mike and I love to travel and are looking forward to making up for lost time in 2020 very soon. I also enjoy cross stitch, crochet, and writing.

2. What do you love most about writing?

I think it’s that feeling that I’ve really connected to God through creativity, and through learning more about his Word and my place in it. The spark of creativity in that first glimmer of an idea, feeling it bloom to brilliance, and finding all the perfect phrases to express it so that others benefit from the flame’s light and warmth – that’s the reason I write.

3. In Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom, over 20 writers came together to share in this collaborative effort. How did you get connected with the WordGirls?

I met Kathy (WordGirls founder) several years ago at our church when we spoke at a women’s event. She had introduced herself to the group as an author, and I was in awe! That seldom spoken dream of mine was standing in this lady who was smiling right at me, talking with me in a human voice! I told Kathy that I liked to write and wanted to do more. We continued to chat during her WordGirl promotions on Facebook, and I knew I would join as soon as I retired.

4. Briefly describe your contributions to the Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom devotional book. (You can list the title of each devo you have and a brief description or take away theme)

“The Crying Lady in the Fifth Pew” – My emotional response to feeling God’s transformational healing of my hurt and distanced heart.

“Hanging with the White Horse” – An imaginative piece featuring my dreaming doggy as he meets other animals in the Bible.

“The Thanksgiving that (Almost) Wasn’t – Remembering a holiday that didn’t seem like one, until good friends reminded me of priorities.

“What I Learned from Jesus and Jennifer” – Allowing one of my grown daughters to remind us to stop, ask, and not assume, so we can be more like Christ.

”Thought Bubbles in the Bathtub” – When does God speak to you? One of my pivotal times was when I was crying alone in the bathtub!

“Taking Down the Leviathan” – My pups again teach about a proper attitude when facing those impossible jobs, transforming the Leviathan to daily deeds.

“Repositioning the Flock” – Wise words from a friend reminded me of my real job, not the one I’d just retired from, as I formed a new book club.

5. What’s next for you?

Our eldest daughter gifted my husband with a StoryWorth subscription last Father’s Day. That deadline is coming up! StoryWorth’s model is to send a question to the subscriber each week for fifty-two weeks, a year, and the subscriber answers the question. StoryWorth collects the answers and publishes them in a book for the family. My husband and I are using the subscription to pass our legacy of faith to our family in story form.

6. How can readers connect with you online?

You can find Wit, Whimsy and Wisdom at Amazon:

Edna, thank you so much for sharing a little about yourself. We look forward to following your writing journey! #wordgirlsdevo

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